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Review of my "22 for 2022"

A few years ago I was introduced to this "20 for 2020" list that Gretchen Rubin and her sister create for themselves at the beginning of each year. The idea is that, instead of just setting one resolution, you instead make a list of a bunch of things you'd like to do throughout the year. They can be anything from losing weight to taking more naps (naps was on my 22 for 2022 and is on my 23 for 2023), it can be a "one and done" or something that you work on throughout the year. I truly love this approach as it gets me thinking of all sorts of projects and activities I'd like to take on.

I know what you're thinking.. a list of 20+ things definitely seems daunting, but when you start to hear other people's lists, you realize how fun it can be. Plus, the way I approach my list isn't super intense, I consider my list to be a guide to help keep me on track. There are certainly things I only partially accomplish and some that I don't even touch at all... and that's perfectly okay with me! It doesn't stress me out or make me feel like a failure. It honestly helps me reflect on ALL the things I have accomplished throughout the year, not just what is included on the list.

I decided to share my 22 for 2022 list and give you a review of how I did..

-Pay down student loans to $7,000 : I was able to completely pay off my student loans last year. This was mostly due to money that we received when a family member passed away. I am thrilled to have this officially off my list!

-Finish 22 books (at least 11 physical books, the rest can be audible): I started off strong with this one and cranked out a bunch of books, but I totally hit a wall. I ended the year with 14 books completed - and none of them were audible! I am bummed to not hit 22, but I am definitely setting another reading goal for this year.

-Hike 7 mountains (other than Mt. Major): I got a late start on this goal, but I did achieve it! I completed Moosilauke, North and South Kinsman, Owl's Head, Cabot, Whiteface and Passaconway. I also can throw in a small crater hike and a BIG crater hike!

-Write a letter to someone once a month: This has been something on my list for the last couple of years and I have never fully succeeded. It is one I plan to keep on my lists moving forward because it is important to me and something I enjoy, I just need to make the time to do it! If you are reading this and want to help me achieve this goal, send me a message and let me know that you want to be on my snail mail list!

-Stay up to date with appointments - therapy, physical, blood work, dermatology, dentist, etc.: I continue to go to therapy once or twice per month and have only canceled one session and that was due to a last minute family trip. I just had my physical AND went in for blood work (I have not had blood work done in years.. I hate the idea of it and I always find an excuse to not go. After my physical, I went right down to the lab and got it done right away - I was quite proud of myself, so I am going to give myself a bonus point on this). I went to both my cleanings and have my appointments scheduled for 2023. I did not go to dermatology this year, but do not have any concerns at this time, so I am going to take the bonus points from my blood work and give myself a pass on this one.

-Buy myself a computer: I did this pretty early in 2022! I got myself a new laptop and I am so happy I did!

-Take more naps: I probably did take more naps than I did in 2021, but that doesn't say much. I put this on my list because I always find myself wanting to take a nap, planning to take a nap and then not napping. Sometimes it is because I get distracted by my phone and sometimes it's because I decide to deep clean the kitchen. I plan to take 23 naps in 23!

-Manage/organize photos (digitally as well as albums): This is an ongoing category because I never stop taking photos. However, I did move ALL of my photos from my phone and put them onto my external hard drive. I also went through (most) of the photos that were already on my hard drive and started to organize those better. I had about a dozen albums that were "phone"with a date and it was just ridiculous. I still have lots to sort through and duplicates galore, but I am feeling really good about this and plan to continue making progress. I did not work on any physical albums, but I do have a goal for this year to make some 2022 photo albums - stay tuned!

-Keep up with One Line a Day and One Question a Day journals: Well... weirdly this one was tough. I expected this one to be a "gimme" and super easy to accomplish, but something happened and I totally fell off my journal game. I early on, I decided to put the One Question a Day journal on hold and only do the One Line journal. Even that was hard to keep up with at times. I have a few blank spots from 2022, but overall I did a decent job playing catch up when I fell behind. I absolutely love this journal and reflecting on how much has changed since 2019 and with 2023 being my last year in this journal, I plan to stick with it a bit better.

-Organize closet spaces: this is another endless battle with no real end in sight. Our house has VERY limited closet/storage space. Mix that with the ongoing home projects we have and it feels like I will never figure out what goes where. Throughout the year I worked on reorganizing here and there, and I did a LOT of work organizing and purging of things on New Year's Eve. While I think this will trickle into 2023, I don't plan on having it on my list.

-Do more canning: HA! The only thing I "canned" was tequila in mason jars to bring to concerts. I wish I had done some canning, but I'm not going to kick dwell on it.

-Learn new projects with the Cricut: I did not do much of this.. However, since the new year has started, I took on a project of making stickers, decals and a shirt for my niece's birthday party. I am using the print and cut option to make some fun cupcake decorations!

-Spent more time/energy on my business: This comes in waves. It's something I always strive to do, but often feel like I have so many other things going on, by the time I have a few minutes, I am exhausted and just want to sit on the couch watching Netflix. I hope to make some changes to my daily routine to help work on this.

-Build my record collection: I have about 20 records in my collection and have a great spot for my record player and records. It makes me super happy every time I look at it and buying records is always fun. I love buying used records because you can usually get them for a few bucks and I feel like it's a great way to explore "new to you" music.

-Boudoir shoot with Stephanie: Ugh... I did not do this! I am super bummed, but the time just slipped away. We'll see if this makes it on the 23 list.

-Apply for Survivor: Here is another one that has been on my list a few times. I love Survivor and this has been on my bucket list for many years. Maybe one day..

-Do more puzzles: I did a few in the beginning of the year and I ended the year doing some, but I didn't stick with this throughout most of the year. I love puzzles and know this is great "me" time that I should prioritize.

-Travel more: This one can certainly be checked off! I am grateful for the many trips I was able to go on this year. We started with a planned trip to Florida to visit my in-laws and go to Disney for a few days - we did work a few days during this trip. We then did a last minute trip to Florida to be with Kalen's Pa when he was declining. This was a difficult trip, but we are happy we went and were able to spend some quality time with the family. In April, we went on a cruise with my sister and her family - it was seriously so much fun, we had a great time. In June we went back to Florida for Pa's services. In September we decided to take a trip to Nashville, but because Kalen had just started a new job, we ended up working during the week days and didn't use any time off - not sure if I would do it that way again, but we still had a great time. Lastly, we just recently went to Hawaii for a two week trip - this has been a priority since Kalen and I started dating and somehow we pulled it off. I will have to do an entire blog post about that trip!

-End the year with zero credit card debt: I am extremely proud to report I achieved this! And even more proud that it wasn't even a fluke! I have been really focused on finances and making sure we are making smart choices with our money.

-Figure out TRow Price information: I had a mutual fund that I never could seem to get access to - for years my mom and I kept saying we'd sit down and call them to get it figured out and we just never did. I am happy to report that this was accomplished in 2022.

-Start a blog and actually write in it: Well... this is another area I need to prioritize for myself because I truly love writing but always seem to tell myself there are more important things to do. I will continue working on this one!

-I left the 22nd spot open to add one during the year... But, apparently I never added one! Oops!

2022 has come and gone and I can't believe how much I accomplished. Reflecting on my list, there are definitely places I wish I had "done better", but reflecting also helps me remember all the things I did that aren't on the list. I helped throw a surprise retirement for my dad (tracking down his best friend from high school who came!), learned how to put down flooring (I also took up the carpet before putting down the flooring), I got a Peloton and actually used it (a lot!), I donated blood regularly, I purchased my first ever instrument (the recorder doesn't count.. and the trumpet I played for 3 minutes was at least a 3rd generation hand-me down), I donated blood as often as I was eligible, I visited the Bamboo Forest where my cousin's ashes are spread, I turned 30 (surrounded by so many loved ones!), I learned how to make sourdough bread (and pizza dough and rolls and tortillas!) and sooooo much more.

I hope that me sharing my review of my 22 for 2022 helps inspire you to create your own 23 for 2023 list! Remember, they don't have to be daunting things! Make your list fun, add a mix of things, include things you enjoy doing and would do even if it's not on a list.

Some ideas I have for my 23 list (which I will share soon) are:

-Spend 23 minutes outside every day of the year (this is an idea I took from Gretchen Rubin's website/podcast)

-Complete 150 Peloton rides

-Use my standing desk more often

-Read 15 books

-Get two massages

Do you have ideas!?! Be sure to send them my way! If you plan to do your own list, I'd love to hear what you're adding.

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