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Launching Things Drunk People Say

Back in September, while Kalen and I were in Nashville, we came up with the tagline, "Things Drunk People Say" and started using it whenever one of us said something that didn't quite make sense or when we overheard someone else say something totally weird or incoherent (it happens a lot in Nashville!).

On our way home, we were sitting in the airport having dinner and I had an "ah ha!" moment - I could make Things Drunk People Say into a business. We thought of doing custom drink ware and bar items with lines that we overhear at the bar and having people submit custom orders with their own silly quotes. I had all sorts of ideas, but we didn't quite have the full vision. Immediately, I started keeping a list on my phone to use in the future. I snagged the Instagram handle and a domain name (I was shocked the domain was available!) while sitting at the airport restaurant. As soon as I was home, I began using my Instagram page to post about local breweries and our favorite craft beers, while still daydreaming of making something bigger out of this idea.

One day, I happened to stumble upon a podcast episode about subscription boxes and BAM, that entrepreneurial mindset went full swing. Right away I started writing down and keeping voice memos - I had SO many ideas and I didn't want to forget any of them! Seriously, the first note in my phone about this business is just a jumbled mess of keywords, full ideas and everything in between. I wrote down names of resources and websites to look into, I broke down pricing ideas - if the thought crossed my mind, it was worthy of a note. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I knew in my gut I was going to make this happen.

Just the beginning of my packaging and inventory!

The Tipsy Box was designed to combine a persons appreciation for an adult beverage with a side of sass and sarcasm. It's a box of fun drink-ware and bar ware items with a humorous twist. I have worked extremely hard to select items that are practical and fun - things that are sure to start a conversation. Things from koozies (did you know I have a collection of like 40+ koozies?!), to wine scented candles, to sassy cocktail napkins, to clever bottle openers. I am even chatting with local breweries about some collaborations! Tipsy Boxes can be ordered as one time purchases, or you can subscribe and receive your box each month, until canceled. (Subscription orders do get a little extra swag in their boxes!)

My Father's Day boxes were quite a success. I had a few hiccups along the way, but on shipping day, I walked out of the Post Office with the happiest of tears in my eyes. I was giddy and incredibly proud! I wish I could have captured that feeling in a bottle..

I am currently selling the remainder of my inventory for the Tipsy Box : Independence Day Edition. Recently, I added products to my storefront that can be purchased individually (some products have not included in boxes, some have!).

This journey has been extremely fun and I've learned so much in the last few months since launching my box idea. There have been plenty of tears and frustrated grunts, hours spent staring at spreadsheets and calendars, sneaking looks at my web reports a little too often and spending an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through online stores picking out items for my boxes. I have already shifted my business plan a bit (more than once) and to say I'm not scared would be an absolute and total lie.. But, I am proud of myself for bringing this idea to fruition and I am beyond excited to see where this journey takes me!

If you have questions about my boxes or ideas for products to include in future boxes, I'd love to chat! If you work for a brewery or other related business and would like to collaborate, please reach out - I have so many ideas!


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