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Time Capsule

What would you put in a time capsule to showcase your life as it currently is?

I have always loved the idea of finding a time capsule while digging in the garden or, more recently, while pulling down the walls of a home. It has always been intriguing to imagine what someone might have hidden away for another person to find in the future.

I was hoping for a random photograph, maybe an old coin that got dropped behind a panel, or even just someone's name written on a stud. Unfortunately, the only things we found during our home renovations were old nails and a few gross newspaper ads (and they weren't even that old!).

Just because I was left disappointed during our demolition, didn't mean I was going to allow the next person to renovate this home to be left without treasure. When we started putting holed in the walls and patching them up, I kept mentioning that we should do a time capsule and I slowly started collecting random things to add to it. If you have ever done home renovations, you know that one project quickly leads to another and honestly, the time capsule kept being pushed to the back burner. Before I knew it, all the walls were up and the seams were mudded. My time capsule pile sat on the shelf in our utility room and I was left hoping we'd have another opportunity to seal it up.

The lesson here is to be careful what you wish for, because sure enough, another hole was made. This time, the hole was made in the floorboards to investigate and fix an obnoxious bow in the floor. Luckily for me, and whoever does renovations on this home down the line (hopefully many years from now), it was my opportunity to finally burry the time capsule. I collected a few more items, wrote some notes and put that beauty in the floor!

I really hope that whoever finds it is as excited as I was to make it. I included photos from the listing when we bought the house in 2020 as well as a lot of pictures showing us doing the work. I didn't have any printed photos of the house in it's current state, so I took a quick Polaroid photo of me, Kalen, Kona and my dad and threw that in. also included a TY Beanie Baby (no original tags), a coozie from a wedding, two nips of fireball, a few of the nails we found during renovations and a small piece of the hideous flooring we pulled up. On the backs of the photos, I included a little note about what the photo was of or what updates we were working on in the picture.

In hindsight, I would have included other things like a flash drive or card with more photos of the house, a newspaper from the day we sealed it up, an old iPhone, something from Disney. Who knows, maybe we'll do another one for outside!

Have you ever hidden or found a time capsule? If so, I'd love to hear what was in it!

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